Forever searching

One of the hardest things about being an adult is trying to find a job. Actually, I’ve found lots of jobs, what’s hard is getting one. I graduated from university last year, worked a temp job until December and now here I am. I started volunteering at a couple of charity shops at the beginning of February so that I actually had some semblance of structure during the week. It helps me not to feel so useless, but a paying job would still be welcome. The whole job search is disheartening. Taking the time to write cover letters, fill out application forms, comb through and improve your CV again and again, and then not to hear anything back? Not even a thanks, but no thanks? That sucks.

I think one of the hardest things is going from education to nothing. At school and university, you have long holidays every summer where you can waste your days away if you want to, but you know that come September, there is a place waiting for you. Having no job means that the days stretch endlessly in front of me, with no comfort that it will come to an end once the semester starts again. Whilst you’re in education, you’re on a path and working towards an end goal, even if you don’t enjoy the journey. I didn’t particularly like school, but I loved uni. I loved all aspects of it, I loved the friends, the nights out, the nights in, the independence. I loved American Studies, my lecturers, my modules, even my dissertation. I loved all of it, but upon graduating I felt ready to leave. I felt ready to tackle the ultimate challenge: being a real adult. Student life was great, but I was looking forward to making my own way in the world (we can ignore how cheesy that sounds). And now, two months of unemployment in, I’m feeling – I don’t know. I want my life to start.


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