This is an entirely new concept for me. I’ve always enjoyed reading other people’s blogs, but I never considered writing one myself. I’ve also potentially chosen the least interesting moment of my life to start; I graduated university last year, worked a temp job until December, and now am searching for a permanent job. So, if anyone is reading this, (unlikely, I know) I apologise for not having something more exciting to say. Hopefully that will change soon.

The reason I’ve decided to start a blog is simple, really. I’m terrified that whatever intelligence I had is slowly slipping away day after day the longer I go without something to keep my mind active. So, blogging seemed like a good way to slow the process down. I think that this blog will probably cover a range of topics, but honestly I don’t know if I can promise anything of much worth. I think it will take a while not to feel self-conscious about writing private thoughts on a public forum, but nonetheless I’ll persist. Oh shit, I sound like a dick.


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